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EngineerOnLine <Site Map> is a mechanical engineering consultant, specialising in stainless steel tank design/quoting software and fabrication estimating software. They provide on-line tank prices, engineering management spreadsheet development and mechanical engineering designs and supply large hollow stainless steel spheres.

Free Tank-Genii© Evaluation Version Request

Please understand that this is fully functional, professional software, so if you don't already have any need to know what Forex means, where to get an up to date cost for 304L, the vaguest idea on how the height of a tank interacts with the seismic loading, the implications of hygienic construction or what a support skirt is, this isn't the program for you...

Note!  Tank-Genii© is a self-extracting, zipped Excel workbook of over 900Kb size. Some email systems block or reject this type of attachment, assuming it to be a virus. If this applies to yours, please ensure that you arrange to receive it and that it won't exceed your storage limit, before submitting your request.  If you cannot do so let us know by email what format you can receive and  be sure to let us know whether you prefer metric or US (ft. lbs. gallons) units. There may be one or two days delay before you receive it.

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