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Professional tank design evaluation and cost estimating software

(When evaluating TankGenii) "... our only criterion was results that were consistent with our own assessment, and right from the outset, TankGenii proved to be uncannily accurate over a range of sizes.  It was truly remarkable.

It clearly indicated a blend of hands-on experience, theory and commercial common sense and was so simple to learn.

Quoting tanks is now no longer the chore that it used to be.

We believe we have a program that we can trust with one of our business's most vital functions. It protects us from the potentially disastrous expense of a major quotation error. 

As a bonus, I can even use it to help my clients discover their most cost effective tankage options, and that has to be great for both of us.

   Stewart Sheilds 
   HSM Engineering Ltd.  

For some time now I have been using TankGenii for designing & estimating a range of stainless steel silos, tanks and vessels.

It is easy to use, fast and accurate. This program has greatly enhanced our capabilities to tender for jobs quickly whilst achieving consistent quotations throughout the company.

During our license period we have received a generous amount of support and program updates. The program was also able to be customised to our specific needs.

Overall, TankGenii is a very effective pricing tool that would be an asset to any fabrication or design company.

Paul Richards NZCE (Mech)
HME Design Office


Not a written testimonial, but a professional engineer's comment after evaluating TankGenii...
"By bringing in all that knowledge and experience, you have really produced an expert system" (as opposed to software)
And because I asked, he went on to explain that in his opinion, an expert system makes informed value judgments of the results that software generates, which TankGenii does, then proceeds to check for adverse marginal results and suggest alternative solutions.

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