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Christened Morris Elmes, better known as Mick, he is primarily a mechanical engineer.

An apprenticeship in a maritime (on-shore and floating) maintenance workshop came first for Mick, then he went on to the toolmaking facility at a domestic appliance manufacturer. During that time, he attained NZCE (Mechanical) and became a heavy engineering estimator.

After a few years, Mick Elmes started the business called Ideal Garages Ltd. with a partner Don Mosely, mass producing low cost, domestic outbuildings.

Firstly as a hobby, Mick learned to design keel yachts and then built them for a living. It seemed like a good thing to do, and it was…for about 15 years. But a peculiarly draconian piece of legislative short-sightedness, called a Luxury Tax brought that little enterprise, and most of the New Zealand boat building industry to a sudden halt. Ironically, when this was written, it was the year 2000, New Zealand had just become the first country outside of the United States, to successfully defend the America's Cup. It was thrilling for many kiwis...and educational, to witness some of the attendant affluence ...times change. Somewhat disappointing however in 2013, the 34th America;s Cup (click and see why)

When the yacht building business disappeared Mick returned to engineering. He had a family to support.

For the latter years, he enjoyed a business development role, in the stainless steel fabrication industry, with a particular focus on export sales and marketing.

During this time and because there was no appropriate, existing software, Mick developed some Excel spreadsheets to combine the basic design and the cost estimation of custom built stainless steel tanks, spanning a range of sizes and configurations.  Tank-Genii is now one of his interests. He maintains and makes it available to fabricators, design engineers, project managers and the end-user industries all over the world.

Formulae that analyse production manhours and material costs, when integrated with the financial arithmetic of business and presented through a meaningful interface, make very powerful management tools. They give an instantaneous overview and simplify what-if scenarios. So Mick also does this for other manufacturing businesses. Please check out the Services page.

But Mick Elmes enjoys designing houses too. He designed and built the only houses his family has ever lived in, although says that 'er-in-doors had a few complaints about the architect from time to time. Mick and Raewyn have four sons and, at time of writing, six grandchildren. It is said that grandchildren are your own children's way of making up for all the crap they put you through.

A rather varied career path?  Well...not really a career path, a career path suggests planning. It was more like heeling to the winds at the time. He remains fascinated by discovering what makes things and people do what they do ...spends far too long on his computer.
Do you know what a dyslexic, agnostic insommniac does? ...Lies awake in bed at night, wondering if there's a dog.

For like minded folks, Mick recommends:- Check out the "Baloney Detection Kit"

"The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."


....and no-one was tickling her or anything, it's just the way she is.
...every waking moment is full of life and joy.
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