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Fabrication estimating software for plate and sheet metal.

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Plate and sheet metal fabrication

Quoting by computer is -

Totally predictable. When correctly programmed it will produce the same result repeatedly. Every quote therefore will be consistent. Doubts will no longer be an ingredient in any negotiating, you will have a solid basis for any judgment calls.

The costs of alternative design solutions can be checked almost instantaneously. You will know, when you need to, that your submission will be your best.

More profitable,
by eliminating the opportunity for error through repetitive calculations and manual addition.

But the essential ingredient must first be accuracy.
Quote-Genii© consists of a set of smart Excel worksheets that were developed specifically for quoting sheet or plate fabrication, but can be used for most types of fabrication, including pipe-line installation etc. It consists of multiple component lines, each one of which:
◘ Calculates the weight of the component from the dimensions that you enter.
◘ Applies your margin to the materials and extends them, either from a default cost per kilo that you pre-set for each job or from an override value specific to the individual line.
◘ Suggests a fabrication time according to a complexity factor between one for a simple mark and square cut operation to ten or more for a compound curved fabrication such as a dished end.
◘ Extends either the fabrication time suggested, or the value that you enter as an override, at your rate-per-hour.

The worksheet totals the hours of the individual components, checks these against defined parameters and warns you if there is any unexpected variance. It adds in an overall job start-up time, totals everything and shows the job weight, price, material/labour ratio and the profit per hour. 


Screen shot- 

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Each A4 printable worksheet includes over thirty component lines, plus space to record the client, job and quote number details, and budget lump sums. The sheets are repeatable and the totals carry forward. It includes a macro for clearing everything and has a clean, easy-to-read format.

The price is $40 (US) per user.

A cheque or money order made out to EngineerOnLine Ltd will be acceptable. Please cross it and make sure that you include your full return address and email, mine is on the Home Page, or here  and indicate if you would like to be kept informed of updates and developments.

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Click to download a demo version in Metric units Metric Units or US units US Units They are self extracting zipped Excel spreadsheets. Double click the file and it will create a directory call ~EOL at or near the top of your C: root directory and extract itself thereto.

The full file path will be C:\~EOL\QuoteGeniiDemo(Metric or US).xls

Try the web demonstration for yourself Click Here
Or check out Tank-Genii 

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