A Dome Top for Stainless Tanks
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A  Dome Bottom for Stainless Tanks
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EngineerOnLine, stainless steel tanks and design and estimating software.
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EngineerOnLine is a stainless steel mechanical engineering consultancy. We provide tank manufacturing estimating software, fabrication estimating software, interactive budget prices, engineering software, cost prediction spreadsheet development and engineering design services. Also hygiene quality stainless steel tanks and vessels and large hollow spheres (orbs). 

This interactive spreadsheet converts common units to and from metric or imperial.

To use this Web page interactively, you must have Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.01 or later and the Microsoft Office Web Components.See the Microsoft Office Web site for more information.

If you cannot see it, you can visit http://www.digitaldutch.com/unitconverter/ which is excellent the way it allows you to choose from and to results. Sun glasses are recommended however   Alternatively, you could download a very neat and fast freeware program that does most of the common units, from http://www.joshmadison.com/ or try the new Google Spreadsheets version.

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