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The fully comprehensive, stainless steel tank design evaluation and estimating program, in easy to follow, step by step format.

As mentioned elsewhere on the website, many internet systems are blocking .exe files as a precaution against malicious code, so the attached self extracting zip file has its extension changed to .xxx You will need to change it back to .exe

It contains MS Excel workbooks and a Readme file in MS Word format. Just double click the .exe file and it will extract into a new directory called ~EOL at or near the top of your C: drive. If your file viewer was already open, you might need to refresh the view for it to appear, by pressing F5. You can elect another directory if you prefer, but the workbooks are interlinked and look for each other in that directory. If the .exe file fails to extract, you don't have compatible unzip software installed. I use WinZip from <http://www.winzip.com/download.htm> but there are others.

It might be a good idea to print this page so you have a hard copy to refer to. At least keep or save it somewhere for possible later reference.

There are macros attached that carry out various functions such as clearing previously loaded data, recalculating in mild steel etc. and Excel will probably warn you about macro attached viruses. I can only assure you that there are none, but suggest that, for your own peace of mind, you scan the file before opening it and if understandably still concerned, just disenable the macros when opening the workbook. It will still perform many of its main functions. The security setting may be at maximum, in which case you wont be able to operate the steps below. If it is, click on Tools on the menu bar, then Macro, then Security and set the level to Medium.

It is fully functional and doesn't nag. The only restriction that applies is time. You will have plenty for testing before it ceases to function and it will advise you when the end of the time starts to approach.

I prefer to have Excel in full screen when using TankGenii. If you’re not familiar with this configuration, you access it by clicking View on the Excel menu bar, then Full Screen. I "park" the Close Full Screen on the right border by clicking and holding its title bar and dragging it over.

You will quickly want to check it out for accuracy. Rest assured however, there's enough evidence to suggest that even in its default state TankGenii is remarkably accurate, and you will have plenty of opportunity to prove that to yourself. So to assist your evaluation, can I suggest you first get an overview of how it operates; just note the names of the sheet tabs along the bottom.

Then, to get a sense of its full scope, press Ctrl D. This loads up information for a basic tank. If only quoting was that quick and easy huh?

Now take a few moments and visit some of those tabs along the bottom. First click the \MaterialSummary/ tab where the materials required for every component of each exercise is summarised, then the \SAVE/ tab, where the hours and costs allocated are summarised. Then the \QUOTE/ tab and the \TankSketch/ These are all "dumb" reporting sheets. They are saved as data-only by clicking the [SaveAs] button on either \Sheet1/ or the \SAVE/ sheet itself. They can all be individually printed on one standard A4 so the \MaterialSummary/ can be issued for ensuring adequate materials are available when you get the go-ahead for the job.

If you have a very fast computer, you could return to \Sheet1/ and press Ctrl F to load up all the "fittings" Then re-check the \MaterialSummary/ and \QUOTE/ sheets again. But if your machine is a tad on the slow side you might want to take a lunch break while it loads up.

Next, check out the separate workbook called Records. You can access that by clicking the button near the top right corner of Sheet1. This is a one line per quote storage system, for building up a record of past history and is handy for comparing the effect of different configurations of the same tank to optimise it. Click the button. Next click the button and then

Next, take a look at \BudgetPricer/ This will prove very handy over time. You can use it at anytime to get a quick budget price for most tanks within the range. It functions independently of Sheet1 although uses the Labour Rate and Forex entered there. Click in the Material cell and select 316L Naturally the price increases, but now click in the next cell down and enter say 5 ($material cost) That is the type of thing TankGenii does. If anything is outside the norm, it tells you so...sometimes even rather rudely. Best delete that $5.00

Next \StockItems/ This also functions independently of Sheet1 and uses the Labour Rate and Forex entered. It is for components for which you may have "standard stock items" either with or without existing detail drawings, that could be required to complete a quotation from time to time. Their name and cost components will remain loaded and included only when their quantity is entered. Press Ctrl S for some examples. Check \MaterialSummary/ and \Sheet1/ and notice how they have been included.

Now \Extras/  Again, it functions independently of Sheet1 so can be used to quote any fabricated metal item at all. There is an in-depth explanation of its use as well as an example exercise in the \HELP/ sheet, but save yourself the trouble of trying stuff at this stage, Ctrl E will load the whole sheet with test data. Take a look at \MaterialSummary/ again. If you loaded up fittings (Ctrl F) you will see that it has a lot of information and the total Extras are now included in the tank total on Sheet1.

You will need to re-visit \StockItems/ and clear out that test data by pressing Ctrl X

To use the function, near the top on the \QUOTE/ sheet, you will first need to create a sub-directory in the ~EOL directory called TankQuotes (no space and capitals T & Q otherwise you will get a run time error message. The file which includes data only copies of the quote sheet and the Tank Sketch, will be saved there. This is not necessary for the function which also includes data-only copies of \SAVE/ \MaterialSummary/ and \StockItems/

There is an explanation about the workings of the \Prices/ sheet in \HELP/ The most significant point is that the material costs it supplies to the quote, stay in touch with the currently volatile international costs.

\UnitConversions/ and \Size-A-Tank/ are included for your convenience. You might find them useful from time to time.

There are others which may be viewed by clicking the Format menu then Sheet then Unhide. You might find the CIP Inserts, Handrail and Design Notes of interest and possibly Leg Sizer but the others are just used by various specialised functions of the program.

Hopefully, you will now have some insight into the comprehensive workings of TankGenii. It may have seemed a bit overwhelming at first but you wont need to remember everything, just be aware that it's there and now on \Sheet1/ click near the top right and you will have a clear program, ready to go, that is in simple step by step format. Enter an appropriate Forex rate for your area and any other information in the first ten light grey cells that you know and try stuff. There's a tremendous amount of possibilities available and you may even stumble across one of the configuration issues that flags up another warning note. Maybe even the rude one.

You will no doubt be wondering how it can possibly estimate labour hours accurately without needing any "historical" data supplied. The ReadMe document now also in your ~EOL directory goes some way to explain that and I would recommend you read my final comments regarding the purpose of quoting. Also be aware that there are a few simple ways to fine tune it to any normal operating environment if the default settings are giving results not quite on the mark. There are one or two clients who, with a little bit of help, used it to successfully start their businesses, and continue to build them.

Finally, please keep an eye out for an imminent ending to the trial period, when within 30 days, it shows up and complete your evaluation before it expires. As mentioned, this is a fully operational version so for reasons that should be clear, we only issue one evaluation copy.

Any questions, feel free to contact me by clicking on my signature.   Any feedback will be more than welcome.

Kind regards