The 34th America's Cup
27/09/2013 Duncan Johnstone:

"Time for Team NZ to take their leave?

I don't know if New Zealand should contest the next America's Cup and that has nothing to do with the issue of public funding - more to do with the people we're up against.

The immediate aftermath to Oracle's stunning comeback win over Team New Zealand to keep the cup revealed plenty.

Team New Zealand were full of dignity in defeat, Dean Barker absolute class, quickly acknowledging Oracle's victory and congratulating them. (He was shattered)

Even when questioned later about how Oracle's stunning increases in speed may have pushed the boundaries of the rules, there was no bite.

Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton said: "They beat us, they were faster in the end, they were better."

Come Oracle's moment of glory and there was barely recognition of the opposition.

This was all about Oracle. It always has been from the outset.

They are from the I-generation. They are I-specialists.

This game suits Larry Ellison because he gets to set the rules. Everyone has to play Larry's game. But that is seemingly impossible. When people push him to the limit of defeat he pumps more money in to get the job done.

That's how Oracle eventually beat Team New Zealand. Their resources were eventually too big a hurdle for a Kiwi boat, struggling to fly on its foils long enough, to get over.

It says a lot about Ellison that he is not liked in his own city.

It says a lot about Russell Coutts that he is not liked in his home country.

Coutts joined the I-generation the moment he walked out on Team New Zealand all those years ago.

He will feel comfortable in his win-at-all costs surroundings. It suits him and it comes with a large salary, the sort of incentive that has taken him to Switzerland and on to America.

And then there's Jimmy Spithill.

The Aussie has had scant regard for Team New Zealand throughout this event.

We have been subjected to his self-centred logic for weeks.

Hey Jimmy, there are two I's in Spithill, and they're not on either side of your nose!

OK, Jimmy had the final say and we have to accept that, as painful as it is.

But after the final, he didn't say it very well, just kept on saying what he'd said all along - that he and his team were great and bugger the rest"

And my two bits worth ...

Ben Ainslie won the series for Oracle, helped by commercial TV. He managed to save the day until the Oracle technicians fine tuned their auto foil trimming system to create enough extra foiling capability. And all credit to him. 

But abandoning a race within under 10 minutes of it finishing when neither boat had, at any stage, been dead in the water? Yeah right. In fact, I don't recall them ever sailing at under 10 knots. A speed that would simply blow any monohull out of the water on a good day! 

I heard the decision to set a 40 minute limit by the Race Committee being justified since some of the races were being completed in nearly 20 minutes so 40 should have been sufficient. Excuse me? Someone could learn a bit of basic math and at least SOMETHING about foiling effect don't you think?

Can anyone tell me how much the flux capacitor actually cost? And is it legal? It doesn't sound like sailing to me.

In summary, I wouldn't call it a sporting event at all. More a commercial circus at best.