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Stainless steel tank design evaluation and cost estimating software.

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TankGenii© is an Excel based program needing only the basic tank volume wanted, the preferred diameter and bottom shape, the material of construction and the fittings to calculate a specific workshop cost and/or fair market value. It is the only known stand-alone software that can do this.
It draws on years of experience to establish the appropriate
design details, the man-hours and materials needed, then lists everything that has been included.

truly expert assistant. Most users now insist indispensable.

It is focussed on stainless steel tanks but not exclusively.

Estimating with TankGenii© software will give you -

Dependability. It is expertly designed and verified software that produces the same result repeatedly. All quoting will be consistent. Doubt will no longer be an ingredient in any discussion; instead you will have a solid basis for any judgment calls.

Speed. Alternative design solutions can be checked almost instantaneously. You will know, when you need to, that your submission will be the best of your best. It frees any fabricator to select and proceed only those contract opportunities that are best suited to their particular workshop.

More profit. TankGenii© is formulated to encourage design efficiency. The Help sheet includes notes about the various inter-relating factors that effect the costs and how to fine tune them. One part reads: "Don't however, spend too much time trying for perfection. Remember that very few things are absolute, including even the required capacity. Unless this program was available at the time, it is unlikely that such detailed and instant cost information was included in the decisions when anything (volume, diameter, end style, support type etc) was first decided. (They might appreciate being offered the information now though)

Project Managers use it to establish current market values for project costing and the consequent feasibility of new processing facilities.

For Engineers, TankGenii© is a design evaluation program. It will contribute significantly to the design efficiency by instantly translating the variables into real time costs. It integrates design code results, workshop experience and the availability of materials. It automatically performs a seismic analysis to ensure that the support system is adequate for any installation at risk and reports the results. You can thus fine tune options against costs.

Workshop owners and estimators use it to determine authoritative, and reliable costs for their particular workshop and hence as the basis for negotiating contracts. Total man-hours, consumables, material costs and profit per man-hour are all reported separately. You can vary all parameters such as the applied margin to observe the effect on overall profit and profit per man-hour for 'fine tuning' purposes.

However, although consistency, speed and cost effective design all help, the essential ingredient must first be accuracy. A truly professional estimating program must be reliably accurate, without need of any outside reference.

Estimating that depends on historical information has three fundamental flaws. It needs a lot of data, properly categorised, which is of little use unless available where and when required and is reliably up-to-date. Unfortunately, it seldom is, and being "internally" focused, it disregards the reality that something is worth only what somebody else is prepared to pay. Simple, rate-based calculations are better for that purpose and possibly adequate for similar types of construction such as atmospheric mild steel storage tanks, but they are not appropriate for stainless steel ones. Stainless steel tanks are used for such a diverse range of conditions and purpose, that simple rates, on their own, are not sufficiently detailed for estimating with enough certainty of accuracy. They serve as a rough check. Not good enough for the foundation of future business.

To illustrate with a simple example, consider an open topped tank with a 75x75x6mm rolled angle, top edge reinforcement. It is difficult if not impossible to form the curve right to the end of the section, so allowance must be made to trim the remaining straight ends to waste. Say we wanted a 5000 litre tank. A nice tidy size would be 1840mm diameter by 2000mm high, giving us 10% ullage with a 25mm bottom knuckle. The circumference is 5780mm. so the barrel cuts nicely from a 2000 x 6000mm sheet and the top edge reinforcer can be formed from one 6 meter stock length. Then without checking what the effect might be, someone says "Let's have a full 2000mm diameter, thank you" Suddenly nothing cuts from stock material. The top edge reinforcer now requires two full strength butt welds and unless coil stock is available, the barrel requires an extra full vertical weld. How does simple rate costing or for that matter, most historical data costing deal with that?  What usually happens is somebody finds out later, "wears" it, then tries to make it up elsewhere.

TankGenii is a fully functional, analytical program for estimating and quoting custom built, workshop fabricated, industrial tanks from 10 litres to 750 m3  or 2½ gals US) to about 26,500 ft3 capacity and optimising their design, both structurally and conceptually. It is not just another historical data or simple rate-based calculator, but uses multi level analysis, firstly of the design parameters as they apply to the tank's architecture, then to each separate function of the fabrication process to determine labour hours. 

To evaluate a tank, you can start with three basic parameters. Capacity, preferred diameter, and bottom shape (conical, flat or domed). The program calculates the required barrel height and offers a range of close height/diameter ratios that utilise standard sheet or coil widths. Alternatively, you may input a specific diameter and barrel height.

TankGenii© analyses the basic information that you enter into its fundamental components from which it calculates separate results. It then re-assembles those results, checks the answer against various parameters, and delivers an appropriate response. Sometimes that may be a "Sorry, try again please" but it always tells you why and suggests your probable best solution. For material costs, it has a 'smart' database, which uses international base rates as its reference and allows you the option of using those or inputting your own. It is a stand-alone program that comes ready for immediate use.

TankGenii© includes a worksheet called \Extras/ It is based on QuoteGenii© a separate system for analysing other fabricated components. It calculates material weights, automatically performs the extension arithmetic, suggests fabrication times and checks the material/labour ratio against expected parameters to ensure there are no major errors or omissions. This worksheet may be used on its own as a very useful general quotation work sheet.

It can be used immediately with no learning time, each input step is a logical progression, and once verified for a particular site, any staff member can use it to produce reliable and accurate quotations. Disregarding its inbuilt designing feature, this reliability alone can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short space of time. A typical tank, insulated, with a manway, nozzles, a vent, an agitator, access ladder and a special fitting takes only minutes to quote, allowing adequate time to compare the cost effect of different diameter to height ratios, support legs versus a skirt etc.

Finally, if you're wondering about the name. It grew like topsy. Originally it was Tank Genie but some of my colleagues pronounced that Tank Jenny. I'm no sexist but that didn't seem to fit and I said so. We debated the issue for some time, and then one of the more lateral thinkers suggested Tank Genius. Hmmm... well to be honest I felt good about that for some reason and teased it out with him. The result, TankGenii was his stroke of genius I thought. There's no such word as Genii but it sounded better than geniuses. Now who could resist the suggestion that the child of their brain displayed the characteristics of such multiple talents? Well I couldn't.

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