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The prices below are an indicative cross section for stainless and copper spheres in as-built finish, mat or mirror polished, for one-off in US dollars and include an average delivery cost from New Zealand to most parts of the globe. By air up to and including 48 in. and by sea for the remainder.

Although we do our best to keep them up to date, they depend on a foreign currency exchange rate which can be quite volatile from time to time. It was last updated as shown.

So before you commit irrevocably to your project, please get a current price, for your specific needs

Quotes for Spheres

It will include information about the sphere weight etc. and separate out the freight price to your area, by air or sea when appropriate. Minimum freight charges apply so more than one off for the smaller sizes will work out less per sphere. 
Also check out the notes about finishes on spheres.


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