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With Cost Prediction Software
a combination of common sense,  Activity Based Costing (ABC), and spreadsheet analysis.

Why is it that so many new businesses fail within two years?

With all the well meant advice around, why is there still such a high failure rate?

Bankers must always advocate caution, yet others will say "nothing ventured, nothing gained"

It's true that business is about people and the chances of success are greater if the owner leads from the front, with a clear vision and the skills to communicate that vision... if only all staff share the same vision.

Accountants can highlight areas where costs might be saved, and that should help in future, but unfortunately you can't unring a bell can you.

Clearly, there will be no banker, staff or accounts unless the goods or service can be sold for more than they cost to supply, plus support the overheads. That goes without saying, doesn't it?

The reality is that no single individual can be expected to keep their head around all of the dynamic causes and effects of business, all of the time.

But most of it is simple arithmetic. Costs exceed income = loss.
Purchases + wages + overheads exceed sales = gurgler.

In this computer age, arithmetic is almost instantaneous. And most businesses or their accountants today have access to a computer somewhere. So why are businesses still failing?

Presuming that the goods are marketable, could a factor also be the lack of proper software?

I believe it could.

Where are all the really user friendly, integrated programs that...
Accurately and reliably estimate production times and manufacturing costs?
Instantly compare the effect of any alternative structure, such as leasing new machinery, or adding staff versus outsourcing componentry and so on and so on?

Well here's the good news.

Most computers already have perfectly adequate software installed. Spreadsheets such as Excel. All they need, is someone to convert the productivity information that you or your records may already have, into formulae that spreadsheets can use to generate results in meaningful ways. And if you don't yet have the information, it can certainly be gathered.

We can bridge that gap.
   It's that simple.  We call it Cost Prediction Software. It is a combination of common sense,  Activity Based Costing (ABC), math and spreadsheet analysis.

Remember that, according to the US Small Business Administration, nearly 80% of businesses that fail are the result of incomplete or inaccurate costing.

This site includes an interactive spreadsheet  for quick, budget prices, online and a quotation request form for stainless steel spheres. To create the quote, the information submitted is simply processed through a spreadsheet, which generates the letter that is emailed back to the enquirer. As many times as he or she cares to submit.

If you could use such a powerful sales tool, email us   You only need a simple spreadsheet.

A set of spreadsheets completed recently, calculates costs for a range of adjustable, wooden louvre shutters and produces both a price list for standard sizes and a letter of quotation for custom sizes. It also models the business cost structure, to integrate the effect of any changes on either the profit and/or the prices. By comparing the price list with others from the market place, the owner is continuously able to assess his viability and make informed decisions.

So if yours is a manufacturing business, whatever the product, with probably less than 50 staff, and you would like to find out if your existing software can boost your bottom line, let's see if we can help. If I don't believe we can, cost effectively, I'll say so.

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