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(RA London)

Towering nearly 15 meters, this eye catching sculpture cleverly uses the seemingly random juxtaposition of flawlessly mirror polished spherical surfaces to generate a feeling of undefinable ascension. Each sphere reflects itself in it's neighbours at a point in space that the eye cannot define.

Such is the effect of a brilliant mind. Acheiving it required dedicated and innovative engineering design and precision manufacturing described by one member of the team as "not just a normal construction but a fifteen meter jewel"

"What the mind can conceive and believe, it can acheive" (Naploean Hill) is simply not true in the construction industry because exact dimensional accuracy is not possible. Tall Tree, although visualy defying the fact, required a hidden, interconnected supporting structure, the cross connections of which had to be placed at given points. But those points were defined by the dimensions of the spheres themselves. Any variation of accumulating diameter and/or spherical shape caused by the unpredictable granular structure within the parent metal had to be accomodated during assembly.

(an early idea not actualy used)


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