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A  Dome Bottom for Stainless Tanks
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Stainless tank design software


EngineerOnLine, stainless steel tanks and design and estimating software.

  Welcome to stainless tank design and estimating software information

Stainless steel tank design & estimating software.

A heavy stainless steel tank Specialising in stainless steel fabrication, this site is offered as a resource for information about the cost effective design of stainless steel tanks and other stainless fabrication.

TankGeniiŠ the premium stainless steel tank design and estimating software, and QuoteGeniiŠ  the general metal fabrication estimating software system, are unique to this site.

There's also some personal work history, and a few ideas about how inexpensive, spreadsheet based, cost prediction software can assist management in any manufacturing environment, also a Table of Contents of the website.



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